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Pallet packaging

Pallet packaging is used to secure and protect goods during transportation and storage, preventing damage, loss, or contamination and ensuring efficient and safe handling.

Why choose NNZ for your Pallet Packaging?

Because NNZ, with more than 100 years of experience, delivers high-quality Pallet wrap and Pallet netting. We work closely with industry experts and manufacturers to offer the best and tailored packaging solutions. Our products strike a balance between cost, effectiveness, and quality. We ensure that goods are not only safely bundled but also protected throughout transport. At NNZ, we understand that it’s more than packing products; it’s showcasing your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Rely on NNZ to protect and elevate your brand’s value.

Knitted pallet wrap, also known as pallet netting or stretch netting, is a specialized material used for securing and stabilizing palletized loads during transportation and storage. Unlike traditional stretch film, which is a plastic film, knitted pallet wrap is made from a net-like, knitted fabric.

Stretch film, often referred to as “stretch wrap” or “pallet wrap” is a thin, flexible plastic film used for packaging and securing items for storage or transportation. It comes in two main forms: one for hand wrapping and another for machine use.

Comprehensive Solutions: Pallet Wrap and Pallet Netting

In the fast-paced realm of shipping and inventory management, Pallet Packaging stands as a crucial element. It incorporates pallet wrap and pallet netting, which are essential in guaranteeing the secure and efficient movement and storage of items in multiple sectors. From food items to industrial materials, these packaging techniques serve a wide array of product categories, enhancing safety during both transportation and storage.

Benefits of Pallet Packaging:

  • Security: The use of pallet wrap and netting ensures the stabilization of products, thereby lowering the potential for damage.
  • Adaptability: Pallet wrap conforms to a variety of products, ensuring diverse and flexible packaging options.
  • Protection: This packaging safeguards against environmental factors like moisture and dust, upholding product quality.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Employing these packaging strategies curtails costs by decreasing damage and enhancing storage and transport efficiency.
  • Sustainability: Many Pallet Packaging materials are recyclable, supporting eco-friendly use.
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