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The 2021 ‘EU circular Economy Action Plan’ reiterates the objective to make all packaging reusable or recyclable in an economically viable way by 2030. This plan is one of the major building blocks of the European Green Deal where the EU sets out the steps for the transition to a circular economy.

Thanks to the fact that we are an independent advisor with a broad portfolio and unique #Rethink approach we can support you to make your portfolio more sustainable today and in the future.

Our #Rethink approach starts with an assessment of your current packaging materials, packaging strategy and sustainability targets. We provide facts for the different packaging options: environmental impact, expected shelf life, cost levels and market impact. With this data at hand you can choose the packaging material and design that best fits your sustainable packaging strategies.


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Let's Rethink, Reinvent, Redesign, Research, Recycle your packaging portfolio.

Rethink packaging

Packaging choices directly affect the sustainability impact of your product and brand. Understanding the often invisible impacts of your packaging can be difficult. How do you choose the right packaging solution? To support a fact based decision of your packaging materials we offer a service for calculation of the environmental impact: carbon footprint, energy use and water use. Next to calculation of environmental footprint we take recyclability, food-waste, market impact and cost for the materials into the equation in our #Rethink method. With this #Rethink method we can help you to choose the packaging material and design that best fits your sustainable packaging strategies.


Our #Rethink approach explained:


Reinvent packaging

In this step we start re-inventing your packaging materials. Thinking out of the box we look at ways to use less material, or different material, with only one thing in mind: how to protect your products even better, how we can keep it fresh for a longer period of time. An important step to overcome food waste. We develop new products and always validate through rigorous prototyping and market testing.


Example: Bio Paper-Vento compostable paper grade for VFFS


Redesign packaging

When redesigning your packaging components we are also looking at ways to improve handling and the possible solutions for automation. Prototyping and market testing are again an essential part when redesigning your packaging solutions.


Example: Snap-Log closure for net bags for firewood



Example: Wicket net bags for automation of onion packaging


Apart from introducing this type of net bag worldwide to support automation, we also invested in the development of a laser marking  technique which allows for detailed customised marking on the wicket top of the net bag. Please be invited to connect with us for more details!



Example: Mega FIBC builders bag


Research packaging

At NNZ we develop products anticipating on market trends. We continuously collect insights at all our affiliates and arrange special ‘innovation café’s’ where employees, together with top design experts, generate ideas. The very best ideas are then developed into prototypes. These are presented to our customer base to spark interest. We also conduct quantitative and qualitative research to validate products and collect consumer insights to underpin decision making.


Example NNZ market research 


NNZ research: ‘Consumer buying behavior soft fruit packaging’ NNZ research: ‘Consumer preferences apple packaging’

Recycle packaging

Recycling is at the core of a successful circular economy for packaging material. For this purpose we always aim to meet four conditions:

  • The product must be made with a material that is collected for recycling, has market value and/or is supported by a legislatively mandated program.
  • The product must be sorted and aggregated into defined streams for recycling processes.
  • The product can be processed and reclaimed/recycled with commercial recycling processes.
  • The recycled material becomes a raw material that is used in the production of new products.


Examples NNZ webinars


Recycling of packaging materials is a most debated topic. At NNZ we contribute to a common understanding by hosting webinars for colleagues, customers and suppliers. We invite industry experts to enrich our webinars with up to date trends and technologies. Sharing is caring!

NNZ webinar ‘recycling of plastic packaging’ NNZ webinar ‘recycling of fibre based packaging’ NNZ webinar ‘FIBC: using rPET and its impact on footprint”


Example: NNZ project food-to-food recycling of plastic trays


NNZ works with Filigrade to implement new technology using curved embossing on PP and PET trays. This will allow food-2-food recycling of PP and PET trays in the very near future. Our PET trays have a perfect 96%+ readability in the pilot sorting lines!

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