Sustainable partner of choice for employees

We aim to provide our people a safe and nurturing working environment by building a zero-harm safety culture, prioritising talent management and engagement and creating an inclusive and diverse NNZ.

We recognize that caring for our climate and people is a business imperative and that our stakeholders increasingly expect us to make meaningful efforts toward positive climate and community action. Our aim is to nurture a work environment in which our employees feel safe, engaged, and responsible, and to work with local and global stakeholders on collaborative engagements that inspire and promote the greater good. Our credo: ‘We are passionate people, working with pleasure in a personal way, following the plan we agreed together.’


Workspace health and safety

  • We are building a zero-harm safety culture, which aims that there are no injuries or illnesses of any kind caused by workplace incidents, by means of workplace Health and Safety assessments on locations. Embracing zero harm isn’t about believing you can eliminate all risks, it’s about doing all that you can to analyze incidents, make improvements and work toward prevention rather than reaction.

Talent management and engagement

  • Our employees are central to delivering an exceptional customer experience that drives satisfaction and builds trust and commitment. Hence, we prioritize talent management and engagement to achieve high performance across our organization. To guide talent management, we hold regular performance and career development reviews with our employees. Engaged employees are more likely to exert discretionary effort, going above and beyond for the success of the organization. In addition, they are more likely to have a positive frame of mind and be resilient when faced with challenges. We use employee surveys to identify the high and low performing areas of your organization to ensure all employees are committed to the organization and its strategy.

Diversity, equity and inlcusivity

  • Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace is bringing together diverse experiences, backgrounds and ways of working together to achieve a common goal. NNZ believes it is what we do once a diverse set of people come together that can create the real impact. With this purpose NNZ is working on a DIE program to break barriers, encourage internal communication to boost individual understanding.

Community engagement 

  • Social responsibility is a major priority for many businesses today, and volunteering is a great way to accomplish that. Volunteering programs not only benefit the communities they serve but also the volunteers involved. When teams spend time volunteering together, they’re able to bond and build strong relationships with their fellow community members and colleagues—all while making the community a better place. With our community engagements by employees from our locations we aim to make a positive difference in one’s community that manifests itself through action, combining knowledge, skills, values and motivation.

Relationship and engagement

  • To become the best partner of choice NNZ engages in dialogue with her employees about their needs, expectations and preferences, on a day-to-day basis contacts and through customer surveys that that focus on the employee engagement, to determine  extent of loyalty and advocacy.


Sustainability strategy Sustainability for customers Sustainability for suppliers
Sustainability Strategic Focus And Pillars 2
We identified priority areas for our customers, suppliers and employees based on our materiality assessment. These are aligned with UN SDG's and further associated with targets we aim to achieve before 2030.

Worldwide strategic locations
Reliable and ethical


Long-term partnerships
#Rethink innovation
Full service logistics


Independent advice
Innovation insights
Customer intimacy
Broad portfolio

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