Pallet netting

Pallet netting is available as knitted or extruded pallet net and as vented film wrap.

Typical content packed in: Pallet netting

  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Potatoes

Pallet netting details

Standard extruded pallet wrap (US grade)

NNZ offers standard extruded pallet wrap for maximum containment of unsteady loads. The netting can be applied as wrap around pallets or with a snake technique through the palletized product for a firm hold. The open mesh design of the netting allows air to circulate freely, which reduces condensation of the palletized products. Extruded pallet wrap is manufactured in the USA. The netting is available in rolls for heavy and lights duty use

StretchNet, prestretched extruded wrap (US grade)

StretchNet can be applied to pallet loads with conventional or pre-stretch equipment. More tension can be used with StretchNet vs. competitive open mesh nets. This suits Stretchnet to irregular shaped loads, because of its conformability. Because it’s pre-stretched, the netting yield will be consistent roll after roll. The “stretch” of the net allows it to conform to the pallet load, no matter how irregular. StretchNet is able to up to 20% stretch during application. When applied with tension the netting will not become narrower, allowing fewer wraps per pallet. The mesh of the netting allows ventilation of the pallet load.

Snakewrap, extruded pallet wrap (US grade)

Snakewrap is designed to contain and stabilize sleeved, tubular, or irregular shaped products when they are stacked on a pallet. As cylinders of product are stacked, Snakewrap is woven between layers, allowing for increased product breathability and pallet stability. Available in several sizes and colors to meet all your packaging needs. Manufactured in the USA.

Tornado-Net®, knitted pallet net (US grade)

Tornado Net® is our knitted pallet wrap with stretch and memory. The pallet net wraps tightly around the product, protecting it during transport. Keeps the pallet up straight and square for the best presentation on the market floor. It is easy to apply, by machine or by hand, and when removed gives a small bundle of waste. It is strong but lightweight and uses significantly less plastic than conventional extruded net. The open mesh configuration allows air to circulate freely, reducing condensation on the palletized products. Tornado-Net® is made of 100% LLDPE and is recyclable.

Tornado-Wrap®, vented film wrap (US grade)

Tornado-Wrap®, a vented stretch film that allows palletized products the ability to breathe. Tornado-Wrap® Heavy Duty and Airforce Max is designed for use on pallet wrap machines with pre-stretch capabilities. It will pre-stretch a minimum of 250%. This film has linear bands which give it the tensile strength necessary for maximum expandability without tearing. Between the rows of linear bands are small perforations that expand into large openings during pre-stretch. Tornado-Wrap® Manual and Machine have already been pre-stretched so the holes are open. Also reinforced with linear bands improving load containment so less film is needed to secure each pallet.

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