Pallet netting

Pallet netting is available as knitted pallet net, Tornado-Net®. A stretchable netting used for packaging and securing items on a pallet during transport.

Tornado-Net® pallet netting comes in various elasticity levels of 25%, 40%, and 80%, and is available in different dimensions, ranging from 20-inch widths with lengths from 3,300 to 10,000 feet, packaged in pallets with between 35 and 136 rolls per pallet.

Typical content packed in: Pallet netting

  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Potatoes

Pallet netting details

Tornado-Net® is our knitted pallet wrap with stretch and memory. The pallet net wraps tightly around the product, protecting it during transport. Keeps the pallet up straight and square for the best presentation in the marketplace. It is easy to apply, by machine or by hand, and when removed it gives only a little waste. It is strong but lightweight and uses significantly less plastic than conventional extruded net.

The open mesh configuration allows air to circulate freely, reducing condensation on the palletised products. Tornado-Net® is made of 100% LLDPE and is recyclable. Tornado-Net® combines product safety with an environmentally responsible choice. We can advise you in choosing the right packaging for your product. For further information or to discuss your individual packaging needs then please contact our NNZ customer service team.

Pallet netting cardboard boxes Pallet netting Pallet netting onions Pallet netting carrots
Potatoes 21501 Transit Packaging Pallet Net NNZ

Details categorized by product type:

Tornado-Net® 80
* Elasticity/stretch: 80%
* Dimensions and packaging:
20-inch width, 10.000 feet in length, 50 rolls per pallet
30-inch width: 10.000 feet in length, 35 rolls per pallet


Tornado-Net® 40
* Elasticity/stretch: 40%
* Dimensions and packaging:
20-inch width 3.300 feet in length, 136 rolls per pallet


Tornado-Net® 25
* Elasticity/stretch: 25%
* Dimensions and packaging:
20-inch width, 3.300 feet in length, 80 rolls per pallet
20-inch width 10.000 feet in length, 40 rolls per pallet


Tornado-Net® provides an optimal solution for your pallet packaging needs, ensuring both product safety and environmental responsibility. For the best results tailored to your requirements, choose the right Tornado-Net® elasticity and dimension.

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