Mesh bags

Mesh bags are available as wicket and non-wicket woven mesh bags (leno), knitted mesh bags (raschel) single and on rolls, monofilament bags and mesh baler bags.

Typical content packed in: Mesh bags

  • Cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Leek
  • Onions
  • Potatoes
  • Sprouts

Mesh bags details

Woven mesh bag (Leno) for wicket

Woven mesh bags with wicket top laminate are L-sewn and supplied in bales. The bags can pack between 2,5 and 50 kg, optional with label. These type of leno bags can be applied on automated packing lines. Different mesh weight, thread size or weaving pattern result in different strengths of the bags.

Knitted mesh bag (Raschel)

The polyethylene knitted (Raschel) mesh bags are supplied on rolls and as single bags. Bags on rolls can be supplied in a range of standard sizes to pack weights up to 25 kg, optional with handle and printed label. Single mesh bags can be supplied in a range of standard sizes to pack weights up to 50 kg, optional with handle, drawstring and printed label. The bags are produced in different mesh types with different netting weights.

Monofilament mesh bag

Woven monofilament mesh bags are commonly used for packing hard products such as firewood, nuts, shellfish and chestnuts. Knitted monofilament mesh bags are softer and more supple than woven bags and therefore more suitable for products such as bulbs and potatoes.

Mesh rollstock baler bag

Mesh baler bags are used for transport of bagged product such as onions. With a drawstring at the top they are perfect for easy palletisation. Baler bags come in a 30 pound and 50 pound bag. Made of polyethylene mesh material, the bag allows the product to breathe from packing house to retail. With rollstock baler bags it is easy to increase the speed of your production line. No need for a pack off table and the extra cost of hand labour. Move into automation and reap the cost savings of rollstock.

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