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Optimizing Bulk Packaging Solutions

Insights from Mike Gear of NNZ North America

Optimizing Bulk Packaging Solutions: Insights from Mike Gear of NNZ North America

In bulk transport and storage, safe and efficient packaging is critical. The challenge is selecting the right bulk bag for various materials. Mike Gear, Head of Industrial Sales at NNZ North America, will explain about the extensive range of bulk bags.

NNZ offers various bulk bags, including the 4-Loop, Q-bag and Ventilated big bag. The 4-Loop Power-Lift® is ideal for packaging, transporting, and storing materials like powders, granulates, and minerals. The Q-bag is perfect for filling and transporting free-flowing substances, maintaining shape and stability. The Log-Lift®, a ventilated bulk bag, is great for transporting, storing, and keeping produce fresh, and there’s also a ventilated bulk bag for storing and drying wood logs.

Mike: “At NNZ, we are committed to high-quality bulk bags that meet strict quality standards. We understand the complexity of different materials, machines, weights, and seams, ensuring our bags offer maximum protection and convenience.”

NNZ also offers 1-Loop and 2-Loop Power-Lift® bulk bags, efficient for packaging and transporting a variety of materials. The Conductive Power-Lift® bulk bag is safe for explosive powders and products, food and pharmaceuticals, minerals, and chemicals. Many of our big bags are reusable, reducing waste and our ecological footprint.

Mike Gear: “As a knowledge partner, we are fully aware of all aspects of packaging, from materials to ISO standards. We provide our customers with in-depth advice and guidance, helping them make the right choices.”

Mike Gear advises companies to prioritize quality, reliability, and sustainability when choosing bulk bags. NNZ is ready to assist companies in finding the perfect bulk bags for their packaging needs. Bulk transport and storage remain crucial for various sectors, and the big bag continues to be indispensable. NNZ leads the way to a future where packaging meets the needs of both business and the environment.

4 loop Big bag chemicals&building-17015-FIBC-big-bag-bulk-Qbag-power-lift-NNZ Chemicals&building 17501 FIBC Big Bag Bulk Electrically Conductive Power Lift NNZ C one loop photo obtained from Jens Jan2021

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