NNZ launches unique new apple packaging!

Date: 11 November 2014

Packaging multinational NNZ has developed a unique packaging for apples in partnership with Schut Systems[1]and Pillopak[2]. The design takes the form of a corrugated cardboard tray consisting of two or four identical compartments. Each of the compartments can contain one apple and the tray as a whole is built in such a way that the apples are optimally protected against the damage to which they are especially prone. A second advantage of this packaging concept is the printing surface which is ideal for branding and marketing purposes.

Additionally recent research has shown that the new tray has a favourable effect on consumer appreciation. This applies both to the product (apple) and the product category (fruit). This study has shown that the design - convenient and attractive - can stimulate impulse buying.

For the market launch of the new packaging NNZ has entered into a partnership with an apple packer that supplies the retail sector. As a result of this partnership the 4-article tray will be on the shelves this month.

NNZ will also be shining a spotlight on the packaging during Interpoma in Bolzano, Italy. Interpoma is regarded as being one of the world's most prestigious apple trade fairs.

[1] Schut Systems supplies and specialises in packaging machines.

[2] Pillopak supplies and specialises in lightweight packaging  made of corrugated board.