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Innovation as a part of sustainable packaging solutions

An Interview with Bruce Colquhoun of NNZ Canada

In a world where packaging technologies are rapidly evolving, innovation is at the heart of the Royal NNZ Group’s strategy. This conversation with Bruce Colquhoun explores how innovation shapes the company and impacts the packaging industry.

How important is innovation to NNZ? Bruce explains: Very important. At NNZ, we believe that innovation is key to our success. It enables us to lead in the packaging industry by providing solutions that not only meet our customers’ needs but also anticipate future trends. We focus on sustainability, ease of use, and aesthetics, while continually improving the functionality of our products. A prime example of an innovation project at NNZ is the use of automated tagging for transport packaging. This technique allows us to apply detailed information directly onto the packaging, improving both efficiency and traceability. The technique of automated tagging presents multiple benefits for mesh bags and enables fast and precise labeling with details like source, destination, and contents on the packaging. This approach not only simplifies logistics but also improves the ability to track the product’s journey through the supply chain.


The recycling of packaging materials is a hot topic, how does NNZ handle this? We are committed to better understanding this subject by organizing webinars for colleagues, customers, and suppliers. This approach too is innovation. We invite industry experts to share the latest developments and technologies in these webinars. One of our mottos is: Sharing knowledge is power!

The innovation process at NNZ is highly collaborative. We work closely with our customers, suppliers, and technology partners to generate and test new ideas. Our process includes market research, product development, prototyping, and extensive testing. We also involve our end-users in the process to gather their feedback and adjust our products accordingly.

How does sustainability fit into NNZ’s innovation strategy? Sustainability is a vital part of our innovation strategy. We aim to develop products that are environmentally friendly while still providing the performance and functionality our customers expect. This includes using recycled materials, reducing material usage, and designing products for reuse or recycling. One of the biggest challenges in the packaging industry is finding the right balance between sustainability and functionality. We must ensure that packaging is environmentally friendly without sacrificing quality or performance, such as extending the shelf life of fresh products. For our customers, the challenge is keeping up with rapidly changing technologies and market trends, and we support them with appropriate advice.

Regarding the future of packaging at NNZ, Bruce shares: NNZ and our partners continue to focus on sustainability with an increasing emphasis on eco-friendly materials and recyclability. Innovation in smart packaging technologies will also play a key role, aimed at extending shelf life and reducing food waste. We continue to innovate in sustainable materials and smart technologies to provide our customers with the best solutions. The future of packaging at NNZ is about creating value for our customers and the planet.

Rethinking your packaging?

Advice for companies looking for innovative packaging solutions? Look for companies that are willing to collaborate and offer tailor-made solutions that meet your specific packaging needs. We encourage interested companies to get in touch for further collaboration.

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Bruce Colquhoun – Country Manager, NNZ Canada
Tel: +1 604 600 7640

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