Fresh produce, better packaging:

NNZ's blend of sustainability and innovation

NNZ’s blend of sustainability and innovation

Maintaining product freshness and addressing environmental concerns are more important than ever for produce packaging. NNZ is at the forefront of this evolution, offering a wide variety of packaging solutions that cater specifically to the fresh produce sector. Our unique #Rethink approach underscores our dedication to sustainable innovation, making sure our clients are well-equipped with the best packaging strategies for the present and future.

The NNZ advantage: Tailored solutions across a broad portfolio

NNZ has a wide range of packaging options to suit all kinds of fresh produce needs. From breathable bags and netting to cutting-edge paper-based and biodegradable options, we’re focused on improving product shelf life while reducing environmental impact. This variety ensures that we can provide specialized solutions tailored to fresh produce, always with sustainability in mind.

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The #Rethink approach: Pioneering sustainable packaging
Our philosophy challenges the status quo in packaging. As independent advisors, we offer unbiased, in-depth guidance on packaging options. This process begins with conducting a thorough review of your packaging, strategies, and sustainability goals.

Assessment and insights
We begin by evaluating your current packaging solutions, identifying opportunities for improvement. This approach enables us to present detailed insights on various packaging options, including their environmental impacts, shelf life, costs, and marketability. Armed with this knowledge, you can make informed decisions that align with your sustainability objectives and market needs.

Customized and Sustainable Solutions
With the insights from our assessment, we’re ready to recommend packaging solutions that balance sustainability with practicality and market readiness. Our approach takes into account the entire lifecycle of the packaging, aiming to minimize environmental impact without compromising on quality or consumer appeal.

Partnering with NNZ: Key benefits
• Broad Portfolio: Access a wide range of packaging options designed to meet the specific needs of the fresh produce industry.
• Independent Advice: Benefit from unbiased recommendations tailored to unique requirements.
• Sustainability Expertise: Deep understanding of sustainable packaging trends to future-proof your packaging strategy.
• Customized Approach: Personalized solutions.
• Market Insights: Stay ahead of industry trends with our comprehensive market knowledge.

Success stories: Making a real-world impact

Our work with clients across the produce sector has led to significant successes, where our #Rethink approach has facilitated the achievement of sustainability goals alongside enhancing product marketability. For example, by transitioning to biodegradable netting for citrus packaging, one client was able to cut their plastic use in half, greatly reducing their environmental footprint while maintaining product quality.

Looking Ahead with NNZ 
The path toward more sustainable packaging is ongoing, and NNZ is committed to leading this journey. Our #Rethink approach is ever-evolving, incorporating the latest in innovation and sustainable practices to meet future challenges. Our goal is to help our clients make their produce packaging more sustainable, efficient, and appealing to today’s eco-conscious consumers.

In summary, NNZ’s extensive portfolio, combined with our innovative #Rethink approach, positions us as a key partner in the fresh produce packaging industry. By focusing on sustainability, innovation, and tailored solutions, we guide our clients through the complexities of modern packaging needs. Together, let’s reshape the fresh produce packaging landscape with sustainable solutions that meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

Ready to rethink your packaging?

For more details on how NNZ can support your sustainable packaging needs, reach out to Dawn Elisabeth Olinger, Director of Sales and Marketing NNZ USA.

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